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"it's just a life story, so there's no climax"

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Birthdate:Jan 27
Location:Portland, Oregon, United States of America
friends only.

"aude sapere" - Horace. Translated variously as "dare to know,""dare to be wise," or, my favorite, dare to think for yourself.

Once I wrote an entire essay without verbs about why people shouldn't use verbs.
It was warmly received though misunderstood.
There's more to me than that.

I try to live my life in a way such that my future biographer has a really interesting job.

I don't really live in Germany anymore. But I really did live at the last train stop.

Most of the time, I add back those who add me. You should be aware, though, that it's not always sunshine & fuzzy bunnies over here, although there are usually lots of cat pictures. Livejournal is my home, and has been for close to 10 over 10 years make yourself at home, please.

Livejournal is so much my home I wrote a Thing about it:

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2012, accents, achieving income equality, acronyms, adventures, banned books, basset hounds, beautiful cacaphonies, beautiful things, belle & sebastian, berlin nights, bibleman, butterflies, cats, certain shades of green, chasing rainbows, comparative literature, compassion, cryptic away messages, dance music, dance parties, detritus, diatonic tertian triads, disregarding your advice, dogme 95, dreaming, eclectica, ecstatic punctuation, eleventy two, ephemera, ephemeral films and objects, errol morris, eurotrash, exploring-more-than-living-in-cities, feeling alive, fighting the good fight, film film film!, fluffy things, foreign movies, free samples, free speech, freedom, friends, frowning thoughtfully, future cult leaders, geeky computer stuff, germanic languages, getting lost, good conversation, heroes, history yet to happen, hopeless love affairs, ideological world domination, impersonating restaurant critics, intellectual one-up manship, intelligentsia, interesting people, jacques lacan, james joyce, jandek, jaunty hats, jazz hands, jeff mangum, jeunet, kids in the hall, kubrick, kurt vonnegut, linus torvalds, loud music, loving you, low-fi indie, maybe tomorrow, meta-academia, meta-films, metafiction, midnight movies, mission of burma, mostly vegan, multi-word unlinkable unlikeable interests, neutral milk hotel, new college of florida, new ideas, new media, new places, nigerian apex bank, norton critical editions, obscure works of literature, old classroom films, only the present, opalescent tears, perpetually moving on, persian cats, phil ochs, post-communist capitalist excess, postel's law, pretentious indie music, pretentious points, pretty words, r. crumb, radical empathy, radically restructuring my life, rain, ramones, revolution, self reflection, shiny things, sigrid undset, silent films, silk nog, sincerity, slavoj zizek, songs about ships, speaking my mind, stars, starting cults, staying up all night, survival, symmetry, synesthaesia, texts, the alpha couple, the arcade fire, the elephant 6 collective, the elimination of verbs, the french revolutionary calendar, the future, the interrobang, the moon, the mountain goats, the sky, the smiths, the stars, the unreliable narrator, the verbs bad manifesto, theodore dreiser, things-tucked-in-the-pages-of-dusty-used-books, thomas mann, thunderstorms, tonal rapture, trains, trying to do-not-be good, underdogs, understanding you, unwritten histories, vegetarianism, wednesdays, werner herzog, whatnot, william blake, you
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