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I don't need a macro to tell you that it's friends only over here. I add people who are interesting and with whom I have things in common. I don't add people who are all memes, drama, and bad grammar. Also, I update tons. If that's cool, leave a comment, &C.


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It's your bestest tallest Mountain Goats buddy that's been wearing half of your beer on his jacket since the Williamsburg show!

I told you I'd get around to making one of these LJ's again!
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Ganz sicher. :)

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Hey! I stumbled upon you via americansabroad. I'm spending next year in Germany as an exchange student. You seem extremely knowledgeable and I'd love to be able to read your WTF Germany posts.


PS- I'm sure this sounds creepy. It's not meant to, promise.

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Hey I found your journal thanks to our shared interest in jaunty hats. Anyone who likes a jaunty hat is all right in my book, mind if I add you?

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Done, and done!

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are you really into film or is that an efw thing? do you talk about movies here or like making movie recommendations to people? i havent been having much luck at blockbuster,.!

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heh, well, i'm getting a PhD in cinema studies...I don't write as much about film on here as I really should; this is my personal journal. but film is a big part of my life. if that interests you at all i'll add you.

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we've been lj friends for a ridiculous number of years, I would love to 1) write you and 2) meet up once we're respetively settled (or meet up when we're unsettled nad need a break from the chaos).

so expect a letter :)

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(and expect that i'm typically better at not leaving multiple typos in my wake)

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just wanted to share this:

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heh. cool. unfortunately i can't go, but i'm going to Philly + NYC + Brooklyn.

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that's what i thought...couldnt remember the dates though so i figured i'd just pass it along!

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You should go!! You might really like them!!

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haha can i bring my MIL? she'll be in town then lol

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why not? i mean, maybe she wouldn't enjoy it or something, but theoretically you could bring her.
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maybe you have to know my MIL :)

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I came across you browsing the members of a book community and was wondering if you'd like to become friends.

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You recently left a couple of intelligent comments in [ profile] radiantwterror's LJ so I came over to your blog and after seeing your Phil Ochs post I'm wondering if you would like to be friends.

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thanks. sure, although the intelligence these days is usually confined to places other than this journal.

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Hey fellow Proust fan. Got a leather madeleine cookie to go with the bag?

Also, you should add me.

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sadly i'm out of cookies, but i did add you!
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i'm sorry - i just don't want to friend anyone i don't know right now; i've had some problems with people and need to keep this a safe space for me for the time being.

be well!

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Hey, this is Anna - I just friended you :) Please excuse the randomness of my journal! It's kind of a repository for whatever I've been thinking at any particular moment...

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no worries! added back! don't be offended by how negative and angry my journal is lately...i mostly just rant about hackademia.

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add? :)

Hey there

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Although I post only sporadically, since we're always on a mutual friend's journal, would it be ok for me to add you? Needless to say, I'm interested in your journal... so if you feel inclined, please add me, as well. (If you don't feel comfortable, no worries.)

Re: Hey there

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I read "A Requiem for Livejournal" and found a lot of emotional overlap there... I started my first account at the end of 2002, left for Dreamwidth in 09 and blogged there for a while, and came back to LJ only last year. It is a ghost town in a way, but a few of my closest friends remain here, and I haven't found a stronger sense of community on any other site.

It seems like we have a few interests in common, too (vegan food, ESL, KiTH, crusty leftism). I don't know if you're currently adding people here, but I'd be interested in reading, if that's OK.

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Also, I can recommend another LJ to follow: [ profile] setsuled. I don't agree with all of his film reviews, but they're always entertaining and well written, and he adds something worth reading to his blog almost every day.

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Hey, thanks for the kind words. I mostly write on a filter now that consists of people I know in real life, but I will add you.

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The advice you gave Pam was spot-on....Thanks so much for telling her what you told her....she needed to read that!


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